Today I would like to share Steve Jobs’ Seven Rules of Success and my interpretation for our healthcare industry.

1. Do What You Love. Do you LOVE being a healthcare practitioner? If not, it’s time to move out of the profession and into something you do love, or do whatever it takes to fall in love with helping people get healthy, stay healthy and give them a chance at living the best life possible.

2. Put a Dent in the Universe. To do so, it is necessary to have a powerful vision. Are you fixing bad posture or are you transforming people’s lives? Do you truly understand the power of a treatment, so that your patients can function and thrive at their optimum potential? If you do not have a big vision, your practice and your ability to put a dent in the universe remains small.

3. Make Connections. You need to ask yourself, “How can my profession evolve?” What connections can you make with the current global trends and how that might relate to a niche market? Are you connecting to your community’s specific changing needs and wants? We must connect a strong message of what people REALLY want to what allied healthcare can REALLY do for them!

4. Say No to 1000 Things. You must master the philosophy, science and art of your health profession. Your community needs to understand what they can receive from a treatment first. Then you can show them other techniques/approaches you use to help them. But you have to connect the dots so people ‘get’ what you can do for them.

5. Create Insanely Different Experiences. What can you and your team to do make every interaction with your practice an exceptional experience for your patients? Are you giving them the best healthcare service possible? If every interaction in with your practice isn’t a WOW experience, you’ve got to improve it.

6. Master the message. Sadly, allied healthcare and the link to having the best life possible are still widely unknown, however, on the rise. So it is crucial that you find a compelling way to communicate what you do and why it is so good for everyone

7. Sell dreams, not products. Get clear about who you want to serve, what their needs are and how you can help! What is it they dream of? How big is your dream, for them, for your practice, for what legacy you want to leave in the world?