Last week we started with the first 5 reasons “Why Some of Your Staff In a Healthcare Clinic Should Work from Home…”

Here are the next 5 reasons:

6. You can reduce what you pay for office supplies.
No clinic owner likes doing bulk orders for office supplies. By having certain non-clinical employees work from home, you can cut out a lot of these useless expenditures.


7. You no longer need to pay for office snacks.
Same goes for office snacks as office supplies. With certain non-clinical staff working from home your water, tea, coffee & biscuit costs will reduce.


8. No more wasting time on useless meetings.
Think about productivity… Well, a lot of that comes from cutting all the useless meetings and other time wasters that are ubiquitous in a clinic office environment.


9. You can hire the best non-clinical employees, no matter where they are.
With certain staff not needing to attend the office such as an accounts manager or bookkeeper means the ability to work with anyone in the world. You can hire the best at probably a cheaper rate if they are based OS.

10. Your employees may be less likely to quit.
Working from home makes employees happier. Happy employees reduce the chances of them leaving the role for something better. Simple logic.