Over the last 2 weeks we outlined the 10 reasons “Why Some of Your Staff In a Healthcare Clinic Should Work from Home…”
Here are the next 5 reasons:

11. You will probably get some good PR from it.
Certain larger companies was all over the news when they stopped their working-from-home program – most reactions were negative. Try instituting a work-from-home program, and you might get some positive PR out of it.

12. There are tons of product-management services for remote teams.
Tools like Basecamp and Asana make managing your remote team extremely easy. You’ll be just as up-to-date on your employees’ activities as you would be if they were in an office.

13. You can get creative ideas from your work from home staff.
When you have employees working home their creative thought patterns can surge as they are happier in the home environment. They can come up with new & different ideas to improve & make your clinic more productive.

14. Employees from other practices will be jealous.
They might even quit their own jobs at XYZ clinic down the street to come work for you. Who knows?

15. You don’t have to go all or nothing.
If a 100 percent work-from-home environment isn’t in the cards for certain non-clinical staff in your practice, try giving those employees that opportunity to work from home once a week or a few days out of the month. Most of the benefits listed here will still apply.