Over the last 3 weeks we outlined the 15 reasons “Why Some of Your Staff In a Healthcare Clinic Should Work from Home…”

Here are the last 5 reasons:

16. It will increase employee loyalty.
Almost anyone who has had the chance to work from home would never dream of giving it up. By giving those certain non-clinical employees this chance, they will be extremely loyal to your practice.

17. Employees will take fewer sick days.
Colds, headaches, and stomach upsets make going into the office miserable, but working from home? Not so bad. Employees who are mildly sick can still get work done most of the time if it means not having to go into the office. Another bonus? No sharing illnesses.

18. Employees will not constantly feel the need for a vacation.
Working from home can feel like a break from the office, even though your employees are still working. Employees will get to recharge and spend more time with their families, so they might not be as inclined to take a two-week vacation to Bali. Offering a work-from-home option might keep your employees from getting too burned out also.

19. Employees will work longer on a day-to-day basis.
Remember commuting? If you work from home, you are at your office right when you wake up. The time that your employees would spend commuting can now be used for real work.

20. Having employees work from home means you get to work from home.
The best benefit? You can access all the perks on this list along with your employees when you are doing non-clinical tasks such as writing a medical report for example.