staff-retention-for-your-practiceThe Top Reasons Why Your Practice Staff Love Their Jobs

It’s pretty easy to guess why 40% of employees or contractors are not engaged at work. But what about the 60% of employees or contractors that are engaged?

What is it that they love about their jobs?

The People

The number one reason for loving a job is co-workers. Great people attract great people and the quality of your team can play a big role in employee or contractor happiness. So, take your time & choose your staff very carefully.


Employees or contractors value their freedom, autonomy and flexibility as key components to job satisfaction.

If you want your employees or contractors to take risks, you have to give them permission to fail. You have to proactively ask employees or contractors for their opinion on a regular basis, and allow staff to speak their mind without fear.

Practice Culture

Creating a desirable practice work environment is the most important factor for growing a practice. And when it comes to an engaging practice culture, your staff or contractors will look towards practice leadership and management in setting the status quo.

Focus on creating a culture that delivers on the fundamental values of transparency, trust and communication and abolishes toxic, dysfunctional and disengaged practice working relationships.

Job Variety

It’s in our nature to learn and seek variety. It is therefore important to provide employees or contractors with the resources, tools and training for their development. For example, you can create a clear career outline for each employee or contractor in your practice.


Believe it or not, people want to be challenged. Practice owners who are great at delegating provide both opportunity and challenges for their employees or contractors to stay engaged. The key is to unblock, support and provide the resources for employees or contractors to push their limits.

So if staff or contractor retention is a focus area in your practice, you need to consider the following:

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Practice Staff Love Their Jobs:

  1. favicon Exciting work and challenge
  2. favicon Career growth, learning and development
  3. favicon Working with great people
  4. favicon Fair pay
  5. favicon Supportive practice management
  6. favicon Being recognised, valued and respected
  7. favicon Staff benefits
  8. favicon Meaningful work and making a difference
  9. favicon Pride in the practice, its mission and its services
  10. favicon Great work environment and culture