So he started to market his practice first externally and then internally and he tested various systems in his practice. A lot of what he tried didn’t work but some things really worked well and he kept repeating what worked well and improved on it. For the first time in his career he was not sitting and waiting for new patients to call him, he now could actually control the amount of new patients he wanted to see just like turning a tap on and off in your own backyard. He now also had strategies and systems to get those patients to pay, stay and refer.

Well, his practice just grew out of sight. In 13 months his gross turnover was at a million dollars and his expenses had dropped to just below 30%. He had also reduced his work hours to 40 hours per week in 4 days. With his practice running at this level since then he was able to employ associates and extra staff members to work in his practice while he just worked on his practice.

With his practice running at this level for another 2 years he was able to sell his practice to one of his associates which enabled him to free up his time to consult to and teach other health care practitioners who also wanted to grow their practices, increase their bottom line and reduce their contact hours. Ideal Practice started out in late 2004 as Anthony and Jackie’s Simple Solutions and has now grown into one of Australia’s leading Health Care Consultancy Firms having worked with over 300+ individual practitioners and their teams.

Dr. Anthony Capiaghi is a sought after speaker as well communicating his message at Boot Camps, Seminars and Workshops both here and in Asia with some audiences in excess of 500 attendees.