When I met Anthony I already had 3 clinics going and was about to start my 4th. I have always desired to have happy, busy clinics that serve the community, and that are profitable.

But the truth is I was tired, worn out, not enjoying treating anymore, and the practices were becoming a hassle. And though my clinics were up and running they were not working anywhere near capacity. To put it simply….it was no longer fun.

I have been in practice for 10 years and believe me I have, in that time, developed a well honed “bullcrap” detector – I do not pay for anything that does not benefit my business.

And this is why it was so easy to join with Anthony, because with his services there is NO FINANCIAL RISK. Anthony will refund the value of 12 month’s fee if he can’t at least triple that value within 12 months. I like people who put their money where their mouth is… and a guarantee like that is really idiot proof. If it doesn’t work you get your money back, if it does work (and I can tell you it does) you get more money in your pocket…that was a no brainer for me.

So I got Anthony on board and then the magic started – I had an “in-house practice evalution” and things started to change rapidly for my clinics. It became very clear that Anthony had all the systems a busy Chiropractic Centre would ever need and I could just “copy and paste”.

Anthony’s coaching and systems are really comprehensive-and it’s a real paint by numbers system. The whole system-right from the forms, procedures, Chiro,scripts, patient education, CA education is all done for you. All marketing which has been tried and true for other Chiropractors is also given to you. You just need to add the procedures sequentially and the practice starts to grow. And the interesting thing about the marketing guide is that my numbers started to grow before any external marketing was done.

But by far, the most impressive aspect is that Anthony comes to your offie several times per year to see you, your staff and associates in action. I was impressed he offered this as part of his service…an in-house evaluation in “real time” of your clinic operating…I had never been offered this service before-and it’s been awesome-my staff and associates are always pumped when he comes in, so we can show off all the new procedures that have been implemented and our patient number increases.

On top of this there is also unlimited e-mails you can send with any question and at any time. I frequently e-mail Anthony about issues that arise and always get a response within 24 hours.

The decision was simple for me, I was not where I wanted to be in practice. I needed it to be changed.

Anthony told me he had the answers, and if he didn’t, I would not be out of pocket.

If he did have the answers I would get what I wanted busy, happy and profitable clinics,,,and that’s exactly what has happened to