I received a letter in the post about Ideal Practice, asking if I wanted a take more control of my practice and if I wanted a better work/life balance. I wanted to implement my ideas I had for my practice, with my staff but didn’t know to do this. That’s why I wanted to get a coach on board because I knew I didn’t have the tools myself. I needed some guidance from a professional.

Anthony went ahead and did the practice audit, even before I became a client, the audit questions triggered me to see what I could do and what I wanted to do, it was really good to go through some basic questions in my own thoughts and in my own head as where I wanted the way for my business to go forward. I would high recommend other physios to get the audit done, it will provoke your thoughts of where you want your business to go, I know where my business is going now, I probably wouldn’t have been if I didn’t do the audit.