I have been a client of Ideal Practice for nine months now and I have been greatly surprised about the changes we have made during this time.

When I initially heard of Ideal Practice via a flyer in the mail, I was so impressed that I went ahead to do the audit with Dr Anthony. This process was a fantastic learning curve and even after 17 years in practice, I could immediately see where our limitations were and how we could improve. The weekly consulting calls were a tremendous help. I was most surprised about not only being able to increase our overall patient numbers but to keep them consistently high. After all these years in the community I thought we had exhausted our surrounding area with regards to new patients and GP referrals but we have had a lot of new patient since we started working with Ideal Practice. And old patients have come back to see us, too!

We also implemented new stationery, a new website, and introduced a monthly newsletter. This has really brought my practice to another level. Now we look professional, we feel professional, therefore we act professional, with lots of positive feedback from patients, which stimulates referrals big time.