New Year’s resolutions come and go and yet again I looked to my professional goals for 2011. How could they be different? How could I make them challenging? How could I make myself accountable for them?

For the previous two years I had visualized my practice evolving to a ‘neurological’ practice with additional like minded chiropractors.

In an attempt make 2011 a turning point in my career and create a launching pad from which to propel my business I contacted Ideal Practice. From the outset Anthony gained my confidence. I felt that he could clearly see the direction I wanted to go and furthermore had to tools, experience and impetus to get me there.

Our contact I would say has been thorough and regular compared to my previous experiences with business coaches. Our goals are monitored and Anthony always ensures that we are on track.

Not surprisingly, the first 2 months our business turnover increased just below 30 per cent, we have added additional chiropractor to our team and on track establish our chiropractic neurology centre by July.

Ideal Practice and Anthony have been responsive to my requests and perhaps above all, a great example of how to be professional and deliver quality service. They definitely stand above the crowd and I’m delighted to be a client.