I started practising in 1965, in the outer south east suburb of Melbourne, sold that practice, went overseas and worked in the UK, then came back to Melbourne, and opened a clinic in 1978.  I contacted Ideal Practice just over a year ago, I did the practice audit, but what I found most beneficial was Anthony’s visit to my clinic, to do the in house visit.

I have found what’s great about the program is that my practice has grown, and  my patient numbers have increased.

I would say to other practitioners, I have been in practice for 52yrs, and I thought, do I really need someone to tell me how to do it? I realised after talking to Anthony I know plenty about treatment, but I didn’t know a lot things about running a practice as a business. Anthony had a lot of good information for me, it had been 10 years since I really had done work on the practice, it definitely needed updating, Anthony has really helped with the business side.

We set ourselves some targets, and we have pretty much reached those targets in the time frames we set. One thing I looked at was his guarantee, to at least triple my investment with Ideal Practice over the first 12 months or Anthony will refund the money in full!  My practice numbers have increased, Anthony really turned round our clinic.

The weekly chats have been beneficial in itself. We got back what we spent in 1 year, there will be several more years to get even better returns. Anthony has a very ethical management style. I have already recommended Anthony to my friends.