When I started with Anthony about 1 year ago I was at a personal and professional crisis point. Sure I was making plenty of money but I was working 75 hours per week and fairly well burnt out. My physiotherapy practice was totally reliant on me being available to see all the patients and I was unable to take time out without there being significant financial penalty. I had reached a stage where I was very tired and stressed and this was impacting my health and family life.

Anthony has helped me see that there is another way to grow the business. He has transformed the way I think about running a health business. This is the most challenging aspect of Ideal Practice – mind set change. Anthony introduces systems to control client interaction with the business. You learn that a systemized practice is better able to deliver positive outcomes for it’s clients and staff. This process of change is not easy and Anthony is the first to tell you that. As a former clinician himself Anthony understands the unique demands and challenges of a private sector health business. Unlike most business consultants I have dealt with, Anthony actually “walks the walk”. He will deliver you the ability to generate immediate increased cash flow and set you on the path of real business growth.

You might notice that I didn’t call myself a physiotherapist but rather a health business owner. This is the single biggest change I have experienced over the past 12 months. My practice now works for me.

I would highly recommend the services of Ideal Practice if you looking to not just survive the private sector health business challenges that lie ahead, but to prosper.