We have been clients of Ideal Practice for 9 months now. During this time we have doubled our practice and are just about to hire our first associate. Our patient education has vastly improved, as has our patient retention.

We had worked with other practice coaches in the past but felt we needed more and decided to sign up for the free practice audit with Ideal Practice. The audit highlighted where our weaknesses were (even though we thought we were doing ok) and helped us look at our practice in a different light and compare it to others.

We liken the audit to beginning chiropractic care, first you need an initial assessment so you know where you are and then you work out a plan to reach your goals.

It was invaluable that Dr Anthony visited our Practice to experience our dynamic and it has been extremely helpful having him to keep us accountable. His availability and his support team has definitely contributed to our success.

If you think you cannot afford to hire a practice coach such as Dr. Anthony, we would say we believe you simply cannot afford NOT to hire him.