I attended the Reboot Your Practice Seminar by Anthony Capiaghi (Ideal Practice), I found Anthony had a really refreshing approach to practice growth ethically, and certainly it has been proven since I started consulting with Anthony so far. I decided at the end of the seminar to get the practice audit done, I found the audit questions and talking to Anthony solidified where some of my issues and problems with my practice were. Anthony also highlighted issues of my practice I wasn’t even aware of and what to expect and being shown that I have the room for improvement, it was great.

After Anthony did the audit, he came to my practice to do the in house assessment which took half a day, which I found very valuable, we have now been working together for almost 3 months & the changes have been phenomenal, both clinics are significantly busier, life is more enjoyable, less stress.

Some of the changes have been drastic, some have been fine-tuned, it all makes a big difference. I am now at stage of making structural changes in the office to allow more growth, I am surprised at how quickly the changes have been achieved.

The best part of the coaching and consulting with Anthony has been seeing that our Chiropractic message is getting across to our patients, that they have a clearer understanding of what we do, why we do it and how it can change their lives for the better. I have done some coaching before but it never really jelled, but it has jelled with Anthony’s help. I would recommend any Chiropractors just do the free audit, you would be silly not to.