I attended Anthony’s Reboot Your Practice Seminar in Brisbane 6 months ago, and found it had a real relaxed atmosphere, but was content driven. My previous experience with 1 day seminars run by coaching businesses is, that there was never a lot of information, they would tell you what your not doing but encourage you to join and then they would fix my practice.

I loved that you were happy and willing to share whether or not we were joining Ideal Practice, so for me that was a real plus. I had never had that experience before.

I went ahead with the Practice Audit and Anthony was able to show me the weakness and the some strength too. I decided to become a client, Anthony then did the half day practice visit, spending time with myself and my CA. It ran really smoothly, your questions were articulate and precise, Cath, my CA of 20 yrs and myself both felt WOW that was pretty easy, and we could even see from your questions you asked, where we needed to work and address things. I would highly recommend it, I was so glad I did it.

I have now been working with Anthony for 10 weeks what has been amazing is my practice has dramatically grown and I’m excited about my practice again! I have been a Chiropractor for 26 years and have grown up around Chiropractic all my life, I would have to say that I had gotten into a rut and was basically just turning up, I wasn’t doing much education, wasn’t passionate about my practice, now 10 weeks on I’m focusing on my practice, an am focusing on why I’m there, and trying to make sure I’m creating an atmosphere and educating my patients which is what I always of wanted to do. I can say now I am passionate about Chiropractic as I was 20 years ago, and that is showing in my increased patient numbers, every week I am attracting quality patients.

I have found the weekly phone consultations with Dr Anthony has kept me on track, the call is short, we get straight to it, we talk specifically about tasks that was set the week before, and the thing I love about it is, at the end of each week Anthony emails me everything we covered, and the actual steps for the next week. For me, this is a real point of difference in that, yes I would talk to people week in week out about philosophy or Chiropractic or about my practice, the thing I noticed more is having those action steps each week has kept me on track and the other thing is you haven’t tried to cookie cutter my practice, meaning you haven’t tried to fit me to what you want my practice to look like, you actually given me the power to look what you have available and choose what I want to implement. I have really enjoyed that process, and it’s actually been exciting rather than a drag each week.

I would say to other Chiropractors thinking of using your services is definitely have a look,  it’s worthwhile, I have had other business coaches and had great results, but I’m really enjoying the way Anthony approaches working with me as an individual, Anthony’s willingness to allow me to speak my mind, I have no regrets signing on with Anthony.

One last thing I want to say is, it’s interesting from a stats point of view since working with Anthony my August was double the size of last year, and the busiest August in 5 years.