Success in your practice is no different to success in other businesses or fields of excellence – such as sport or music. It is largely dependent on your desire, persistence & action you take to be successful. The 9 biggest mistakes I’ve seen health care practitioner’s (HCP’s) make are the following…

Not taking responsibility. To get different results you must change & do different things in your practice. The buck stops with you & ask yourself this… “What do I have to do to triple my practice, work less & have more fun doing it?”

Holding on to limiting beliefs. To get different results in the future you must first change you present thoughts, word &, ultimately, actions. You must believe it before it becomes reality. You must act & think it before it comes reality.

Not having a clear vision of what you want & where you want to be. Unless you know the result you are after you will just drift along. All successful people have a clear vision of where they are going. You must develop your ability to focus on where you want to be going – rather than where you are.

Not taking enough action to generate new patient streams & strategies to get those new patients to pay, stay & refer.

Listening to friends’ advice. When you step out of your existing pattern of living or the way you practice, well-meaning family & friends will come up with reasons why you should not do it & why it won’t work. For increased levels of success, you must surround yourself with people who are already successful. Better still copy someone who is already successful – this is the quickest way to success.

Not asking the right questions. Whenever things aren’t going right, successful HCP’s ask themselves the following questions…

What can I learn from this & do better next time? How can I double my practice, work less & have more fun doing it?

Not taking enough “right” action. Sitting in your office all day waiting for new patients to walk through the door is not going to cut it (especially when starting out a new practice). The successful HCP’s send letters, place ads, get on the phone, see people & make many personal contacts. The only activities you must do while building your practice is “Lead Generation.”  No excuses – Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Focusing on your present circumstances – rather than the outcome you want. Looking at an empty appointment book will only create more of the same in the future. You must focus on what you want (your VISION), & do the ACTION to make it happen.

Not being persistent – giving up too early. Thomas Edison did over 9000 experiments before inventing the light bulb. My initial marketing promotions for my practice were dismal failures. Nelson Mandela spent over 20 years in jail before freeing his country’s black people. Persistence is a key to success.