the-five-point-criteria-for-smart-healthcare-practice-designDuring our healthcare practice coaching we teach health care practitioners that there are only three reasons for the patient to be your practice:

  • favicon To get well (Crisis Care).
  • favicon To stay well & learn how to stay well (Wellness Care / Maintenance Care).
  • favicon To get inspired to refer.

Every minute that they spend in your practice, and everything seen or heard while they are there, should be related to one, two or all three of those reasons. That means: out with magazines, in with interesting educational literature; out with background music and in with continuous loop video; out with paintings of houses and trees and in with charts, posters & educational whiteboards.

Here are the five point criteria:

  1. Conveys a congruent, deliberate image.
  2. Presents practice message/image/mission in a logical, organised way.
  3. Help the patient think with “creative idea displays.”
  4. Educates the patient when appropriate – by display, by continuous-loop video, by print material.
  5. Utilises every possibility – such as wall space – to promote advertise & educate.

A little while ago Dr. Anthony Capiaghi did an in-house practice evaluation for one of his members in Melbourne. After the evaluation the practice owner made the practice changes that Dr Anthony Capiaghi recommended including “My Five-Point Criteria for Smart Office Design.” Without a cent of external advertising, his practice increased its total services to his existing patients by 23% and he increased his patient base by 37% through internal referrals within 9 months. This all caused a large increase to that practice owners bottom line!

At Ideal Practice, we know that just any practice can turn its environment into a much more effective marketing-orientated environment with these ideas.

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