the-problem-with-patients-isThey want to be loved – Yes you read that right, loved. Think about it – there are few who don’t want to be loved.

So to make sure your patients are going to be great fans of your practice and come back for return visits & refer others, love them.

Here are some ways to give it.

  • favicon Make things to go smoothly – If there are hassles things can go bad fast.
  • favicon Give them timely responses (not waiting) – Make sure you connect with them as fast as possible, they will appreciate it and you will stand out from the crowd of all the other practices.
  • favicon Show great courtesy (the best service wins) – Manners matter.
  • favicon Respect, their views values and ideals – That does not mean you have to change yours to meet theirs – just respect them.
  • favicon Give them clear explanations in their language style – Speak at their pace using their tone etc. But make sure you still speak with confidence & clarity.
  • favicon Keep them informed – We have ordered that support, supplement for you, we will call when it comes in… or ‘Your Re-Exam is booked in for the…’
  • favicon Acknowledge them – Hello (plus use their name) – Someone or Dr. Xxxxxx will be with you soon.
  • favicon Listen to them – Active listening means you pay full attention to what they are saying, be there (in the moment as they say) so they feel as though you are focused on them.

If your practice is doing this part of patient service right, then you have a chance to impress patients and provide them with what they want, solutions to their needs and wants. Now that’s another story…