use-on-hold-messages-to-communicate-with-patients-in-your-practiceWhen patients call your practice it’s inevitable that occasionally they have to be placed on hold.  Even well-staffed healthcare practices can’t avoid this.  You certainly want to minimize the occasions that you do place patients on hold, but when you do, I strongly suggest that you use an “on-hold” message in your telephone system.  As opposed to a patient listening to music, or worst of all, listening to nothing, an on-hold message allows you to market to the patient about your practice.

Statistics show that there are many benefits to having an “on-hold” message in your telephone system.  This includes a significant reduction in the “abandonment rate” (the percentage of people that hang-up before someone comes back on the line).  Research also shows that a patient will stay on the phone longer, before they abandon a call, when they are listening to specific information detailing your practice.

Customized, professionally produced “on-hold” messages are powerful and affordable.  The investment to produce one is a non-recurring expense. Once it is integrated into your phone system, there are typically no additional costs that will be incurred, unless, of course, you need to update the message.

On-hold messages should not only communicate all of your services, but also emphasize the strengths that your practice provides, so that you stand apart from your competition.  Make sure that you communicate any unique services, equipment, or technology that your practice has available.  Your qualifications and commitment to providing the highest quality care should also be communicated in this message.