valuesValues, ethics, beliefs, morals whatever – why are they so important for your practice? A strong set of values will define and underpin your practice’s purpose and mission. Values might be reflected in words like teamwork, contribution, excitement, communication, quality, patient care….

Your values set the tone for your practice as they identify what your practice “as a whole” cares about. Your employees will feel part of something that truly makes a difference in a patient’s life.

Leading your Team

Getting your team on board will make a considerable difference in the way they work in your practice and take care of your patients. BUT they need to believe in the message.

As an employer, it is up to you, to create an engaging and positive workplace. A good leader inspires his followers by leading by example. Share your vision and values for your practice with your team and reward your team when they actively contribute. Getting your team on board ensures positivity and they will be valuable ambassadors for your practice and your healthcare philosophy.

Keep It Real

It’s important your practice values are meaningful and relevant. Skip the airy fairy stuff. Your team needs to believe in it. Having a consistently communicated and clear set of values, will instil a faith in your team that you genuinely believe but also that you want them to believe.

Keep this in mind when recruiting. You need team players on board.

Connect with your Team

Don’t forget to ask your team for their opinion. Taking the time to hear their thoughts and ideas sends a strong message about how much you value their contribution to your practice.

Valued employees are infinitely more likely to go above and beyond. Having a strong set of values brings out the best in your team, especially when led by example. The general feeling should be to encourage, assist and motivate each other. Include your whole team when making decisions. Encourage your staff to inspire each other. Engaging your team and involving them in practice decisions will also ensure they feel engaged and directly responsible for the success of the practice. They CAN make a difference.

Values help employees understand WHY things are done a certain way, and when employees are on the same page, the share a comment purpose and understanding which helps build great working relationships and stability within a practice.

Being “values aligned” helps the practice achieve its core mission.

Value your Team

Don’t underestimate the value your team.

Practice owners often don’t take advantage of the vast pool of talent, creativity, uniqueness, and enthusiasm of the very people they work with every day. Involve your employees and you will have instant access to an amazing mixture of new ideas, creative input, and eager contributors.

Why not develop ideas with your team before you plan your next marketing campaign? After all, they will be the ones who will bring those great ideas to life.

Think about how important everyone’s purpose is in your practice and what role they play in achieving those goals.

Reputation Management

Stay honest, genuine and grounded. If you can communicate this throughout all your actions, everything else will follow suit.