Here are some other avenues to attract more new patients to your clinic starting tips 5 to 10…

More than 50% of your new patients should come through referrals from other happy patients. Do you ask for referrals? When the situation arises & a patients mentions how happy they are with the service or outcomes you have provided, this is the time for you or your reception staff to ask for a referral.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce or your local chapter of Business Network International & start giving out referrals & have the other members refer to you.

Making your website into a destination is the best way to promote your practice online. Social media platforms are fickle, and what works one day won’t the next. Similarly, SEO, email marketing, and almost every other method continue to change day after day. The one thing that can ‘sell’ your practice & it’s services to prospective new patients is your website.

One great way to promote a practice & what services it provides is an animated explainer video. These videos are superb if your practice performs a somewhat complex procedures that would require some explanation for the prospective new patient to fully understand. Because they’re animated, they tend to keep people’s attention longer than a live action video, and they are more shareable. Plus, no matter how complex your procedure is, you can easily explain it with animation because you are not bound by the laws of physics.

Practices should claim or create their Google My Business listing as soon as possible. These listings and reviews show up before websites on search. That means they can be more valuable than having a terrific website with amazing SEO. Plus, with active reputation management, you can increase credibility by showcasing great reviews and star ratings from your happy patients. Be sure to add great photos and video to make your listing stand out.