Here are some more avenues to attract more new patients to your clinic – tips 10 to 15…

Keep an updated blog. Your blog is a great place to write informational articles on health topics pertinent to your patient base. Updating it at least once a month (ideally weekly) with new, relevant content will keep Google happy, boosting your search engine rankings.
Tweet. With a maximum of 140 characters, Twitter offers a quick and easy way to take part in social media, where prospective new patients will be searching for you. Post links to important health information, offer your professional insight on health trends and re-tweet articles of interest in your field.

Focus on keywords. When writing your blogs, website pages and other online marketing materials, keep in mind keyword phrases that your potential new patients use to search for you or your content. Make sure to place these keywords into your marketing materials for better search engine rankings. To identify relevant keywords, think about the questions that patients ask you a lot, and look at the keywords in the “related search” fields when you conduct online searches.

Solicit patient testimonials. Patient testimonials from satisfied patients are your best form of advertising! When you solicit testimonials, get the patient to add them to your Google My Business page to avoid any AHPRA issues.

Give back to the local community where your practice resides. Whether you give financial support to a local little athletics club or participate free of charge in a community-sponsored health event, you’ll establish a positive reputation for your practice in your local area. Make sure to take pictures and post them on your website and social media accounts, and link back to the charity or organization you supported.