Here are some other avenues to attract more new patients to your clinic starting tips 20 to 25…

Give out health tips to show patients you care about their health.

By giving out health tips, you are reassuring patients that you care about their well-being, even when they don’t need to come into your practice. This can be helpful in building trust with your patients and retaining your current patients. You can send out health tips in a number of places: on social media, in your newsletter, or in blog posts. You could even try sending out periodic emails with health tips as part of your email marketing plan.

Send out appointment reminders to remind patients when to come into your office.
Patients appreciate extra attention like appointment reminders and to be honest this is expected today. This also helps ensure that your patients actually show up to their scheduled appointments. All practice management software systems have this function at the push of a button.

Produce pamphlets and brochures to give patients information about your treatments and services.
Pamphlets and brochures can help to inform patients about your practice, your services, and the conditions you treat. Be sure to incorporate your branding. You can give these brochures to new patients, have them in your office for patients to pick up, add them to care packages, or give them out at health expos and other events. This marketing method may be a good option to have handy for patients who aren’t comfortable using the internet to find healthcare information.

Offer take-away items to reinforce your branding and keep your practice top-of-mind for patients.
Everyone loves something for free. Send your patients home with items that have your practice’s branding. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive, examples are items like pens, magnets, and water bottles which are all small and relatively inexpensive to produce. Be sure to include your practice’s phone number and website so they’ll always have it handy. It’s another little reminder about your practice, so that patients know who to call when they need you.

Run some “traditional” ads offline.
Have an event coming up, or want to announce a new location or addition to the practice? Traditional advertising methods are a great way to do that. Print ads, and radio and TV commercials are all great options (especially if you practice in a regional town) that can help your practice grab the attention of potential new patients. Just make sure you are targeting your ads for your desired audience. For example, run ads on channels or in publications that are more likely to be viewed by the patients you want to target.