Here are some other avenues to attract more new patients to your clinic starting tips 30 to 35.

Win patients back.
Contact former patients and try to win them back with “We’ve missed you!” postcards or give them a call – this can often work better. Don’t forget to offer an incentive to come back to your practice such as a complimentary return visit or a gap-free visit for private health funds.

Market to other non-competing healthcare clinicians and GP’s.
Other doctors and non-competing allied health practitioners in your area could be a great referral source for new patients. Make sure to expand your outreach to include them in your marketing efforts. You can send them information useful to them, call them up to discuss a patient, organise a meeting, etc.

Make an emotional connection.
Talk (really ‘talk’) to patients while you are treating them in your clinic and get to know them on a personal level. Show genuine concern for their well-being. Once they have an emotional connection, they’ll feel more loyal to your practice and they are more likely to refer other new patients to you.

Listen to your patients as they explain the details of their condition and let them know you are listening by giving back non-verbal ques. If your patient needs to vent over anything, let them vent and then assure them you’ll do what you can to fix the problem. Taking the time to listen to patients validates their concerns.

Build a brand for your practice.
Everything you do to market your practice establishes your brand, which sets you apart from others in your field. Work with your staff to determine and craft what sets YOU apart and how to claim that identify for your practice.