Using your website to get more new patients for your clinic is an underutilized method of marketing by many practice owners in Australia. If you are not actively using your website to get new leads that then become New Patients it is now time to start taking a focused and strategic approach to the type of lead/New Patient you’re trying to attract online to then eventually ethically convert them into long-term patients offline.

It is time to strengthen your relationships with potential New Patients online to ensure that awareness of your practice is reaching the most amount of relevant people as possible.

The first step to getting more New Patients online is to define the goals and budget for marketing ahead of time.
• Are you looking for more traffic to your website? You probably are.

• Do you want your website to convert more of those potential New Patient visitors into actual New Patient appointments? Of course.

• Are you interested in increasing your reach on Facebook? Yes, make sure you are active on Facebook. Don’t forget about Instagram also.

• Are you looking for more views on your YouTube videos? If not doing these videos you should be.

All of these goals should be set to achieving more qualified leads to your website and as a result, more local New Patients into your clinic.