what-makes-a-true-healthcare-practice-owner-championWhat is it that really makes you a champion as a Healthcare Practice Owner?

Determination, that willingness to face anything that might stand in the way of reaching your practice goals, is certainly one critical trait of a practice champion, here are 10 others to inspire you.


A practice champion is willing to questions, to look at the way things are and ask, “How can we make them better?” All highly performing healthcare practices can look back at that moment when someone in the office was willing to ask the hard questions as the tipping point to the practice success. Practice champions have a fundamental curiosity. They like to branch out and explore new things and love to ask, “Why?”


Do you know where you are going? Practice champions have vision. They know what they want, set specific goals, and know how to stay focused on the idea. Practice champions pay attention to details. This goes hand-in-hand with determination and staying focused. But beyond that, practice champions know that every detail is crucial to the success of their practice.

Open Mind

Any Olympic great or other sports champion will tell you they did not achieve success all on their own. They will always look back on the great coaches they have had throughout their careers. In like manner, practice champions are also coachable. They are confident in their abilities but they also know they do not know it all, and are always willing to learn from others. In fact, practice champions make a point to work with, or be mentored by other who achieved they goals they desire.

Positive Attitude

Practice champions are positive to a fault. They think positively and dispense with negativity in every aspect of their lives. Where others see obstacles, practice champions see opportunities. Part of the positive attitude that all practice champions possess is passion. Practice champions love what they do. Passion breeds a positive attitude and a positive attitude breeds success.


Practice champions are extremely confident in their ability to succeed. It is not an egotistical kind of confidence, but a confidence that comes from knowledge and possessing the other traits on this list. Practice champions may seem fearless, but they understand the true meaning of courage – it is not the absences of fear, but the acceptance of fear, and being able to deal with it based on confidence.

Honesty & Integrity

True practice champions acquire their success honestly. They also have the integrity to stick to their principles and core values despite any changes in the industry.


This may seem a no brainer but no athlete ever became a champion by showing up late to practice! The same goes for practice champions. They show up on time and are prepared. Practice champions do not miss meetings, appointments or make excuses.


Practice champions possess a high degree of endurance, but that does not mean they are inflexible. Quite the opposite is true. Practice champions are adaptable; they know how to ‘go with the flow’ and also change course when it is necessary. Practice champions embrace change. You cannot do the same thing over and over again yet expect different results.


Practice champions are masters of risk assessment and risk management. They know how to plan and how to be prepared for almost any eventuality. Practice champions go into every project with a clear plan, distinct goals, and well defined strategies and tactics – but they also expect the unexpected.

Stress Management

Practice champions may be passionate and persistent, but they also know when and how to decompress and relax. Practice champions know the value of hard work, but they also take some time for themselves, and pursue other passions and hobbies. Practice champions will make stress management an active part of their lifestyle, and partake in stress relieving activities of their choice. Practice champions recognise the mind-body connection and will manage stress by keeping themselves physically fit.

Are you a true healthcare practice owner champion?