your-practice-success-depends-on-youRemember when you first started your practice? You were ready to face it all and do it all. But now, maybe a few years later, dealing with all the daily chores may have taken its toll on your attitude. Chances are this has already been reflected in your day-to-day practice. And don’t forget the impact this will most certainly have on your staff and your patients. Because you have chosen healthcare as your field of choice, your attitude and behaviour will make or break your clinic.

So here are ten ways to get and stay motivated while you continue on the path to your practice success.

  1. Remember your origins
    It’s easy to get caught up in a daily routine. The easiest way to break out of that is to remember your original motivations. Why are you here? Why did you start your own practice in the first place? When you can remember why you chose the often difficult path of a practice owner, it will give you the strength you need to face those daily challenges that can take away your passion. Instead of letting routine get to you, focus on your achievements and how you got this far, and continue to push forward!
  2. Positive self-talk
    You must train yourself to think positive thoughts and push aside negative thinking. There is no way you are going to succeed at every goal you set, or be perfect in every aspect of running your practice. But when you fail at something, it is extremely important that you do not beat yourself up with negative self-talk. Instead, focus on what you can learn from your mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future.
  3. Practice what you preach
    A lack of motivation can easily be described as inactivity. One of the quickest ways to change your emotional state is to get moving. So remember to take a break, go out and get some air in your lungs. Run, walk, jog, do a few star jumps, or take an hour and go to the gym for a full workout. Remember to look after your own health as you look after your patients’ health.
  4. Reward yourself
    As a practice owner you understand the value of rewards and incentives for keeping your staff motivated. So don’t forget to also reward yourself for a job well done – you deserve just as much.
  5. The past
    A lot of practice owners, who find they lose the grip, dwell on past mistakes. It’s normal to look back and think about what you could have done differently, and reflect upon what you have learned. But it is also important to look back at your past accomplishments, and remember how great it felt to achieve those goals.
  6. The here-and-now
    It is also normal to relive the past, but remember, to stay passionate at the same time about what you do, you also need to look forward by setting SMART goals. As you cross each task off your list, the more successful you will feel, and the more motivated you will be.
  7. You are the boss
    Literally and figuratively – don’t forget who is in control! Yes, everyday pressures and routines can affect your mood, but remember, your attitude isn’t controlled by the outside world. If your routines are getting you down, it’s time make some adjustments to reignite your passion and drive. Commit to yourself about when, how and where you do things differently.
  8. Build alliances
    Find other practice owners – even your competition – and get together with them to share similar interests and similar problems. You are probably not the only practice owner in your area who feels their motivation slipping. Create a group of inspirational people that will motivate and challenge each other. Sharing with others may help you all get back on track.
  9. Share your expertise
    Sharing your expertise is a great way to feel good about what you do. The respect you will get from sharing your knowledge freely and willingly with others can be a major ego booster. This could be particularly rewarding if you mentor new associates. You would be surprised at how hearing your own story, in your own voice, will remind you about how exciting it really is!
  10. Give back
    Think about how you can take your practice to a new level beyond just providing you and your employees with security, or an income. What can you do to make a difference in your community? Think about charitable giving – hold a fundraiser for a local non-profit, sponsor a local sports team. Any way you can use your medical and/or your personal skills and experiences to help others will help you to remain motivated.

Even if you have created your dream practice, sooner or later a lack of motivation will hit. It’s only natural. But when it happens, take a look at this list and you will be able to pick yourself up and rekindle that entrepreneurial spirit!

Inspired by Your Business Mojo: Top 10 Ways to Stay Motivated by Steve Goodman